Yogaa was founded with the sheer passion to teach the benefits of Yoga in everyday life.

We are devoted to offering a superior yoga experience, the patanjali way. We offer a wide range of regular and specialty yoga classes to allow everyone to improve their wellness through the practice of Yoga. With Practice one can move on to advance level

Welcome to a space where you awaken and realize their own inner greatness.

New to yoga??

Do not let that stop you. We accommodate all levels and will make you comfortable to learn at your own pace. Come in with an open mind and leave the rest to us.

What to Bring:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Water
  • A towel
  • Wear light loose clothing, no shoes or socks;

Benefits of yoga

The word “yoga” means union in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. Yoga is the union or coming together of mind (thoughts and feelings) and physical body. Many people feel an overall sense of well-being when they practice yoga.

There are many aspects to yoga. In short, yoga is a system of physical exercises or postures (called asanas). These asanas build strength, flexibility and confidence. Yoga is also about breathing (called pranayama), which helps calm and refresh the body and mind.