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Rati Arora


Yoga-Breathing-Meditation enthusiast
Passionate & dedicated to teach & spread the benefits of Yoga




My Journey in Yoga:

Being a multitasker from childhood, I always wanted to explore life. Along with my hobbies in singing, Drama & sports I included learning Yoga to my list. I Learnt Hatha Yoga at Rashrothana Parishath in Bangalore India at the age of 14. I have been practicing yoga from then, which helped me excel at school and also in sports. Yoga helped me to be a good learner and to clearly organize my mind. The stretches & postures of yoga benefited my body for the various sports I was involved.

At age 15, my mother introduced me to transcendental meditation by Swami Mahesh Yogi in Bangalore India. This profound experience and learning at such a crucial age left a groove and aided to develop interest towards higher consciousness. The unique Initiation Mantra given to me at the center is still valuable to me. T.M laid the foundation for practicing meditation in my life, letting me get a glimpse and taste of reaching the “no thought” zone. Even though, not knowing a lot about higher consciousness, it gave me an entry into this world.

At the age of 25, was initiated to kundalini Yoga from Dr. Ananth Atre, a disciple of swami Sivanada of rishikesh India. This further deepened my knowledge and quest for higher consciousness. Dr. Atre’s kundalini routine was an effective compilation of physical, breathing & mental exercises and I practice it till date.

This opened up horizon’s and made me see world differently. It answered various internal questions of mine, routing me towards being more compassionate. Practice of Yoga has given me various experiences in health, mentally & physically. It has helped me personally deal with a post-brain operation ailment. I am strongly convinced that it has “healed” my ailment after my brain operation, which was done to me after a road accident in 1991.

Yoga can do wonders!!

I am passionate to share & spread this experience and education with one and all and want to dedicate my life to informing/teaching Yoga-pranayama-meditation.

I strongly realize that this is my life’s purpose and want to steer the remaining of my life to this pursuit.


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